About Margie Kay

Margie Kay is a paranormal researcher and writer with over 35 years experience as a psychic investigator. Kay has been instrumental in solving over 50
cases involving missing persons, unsolved homicides and large theft cases for law enforcement and private investigators across the United States. She does this work at no charge.

Kay has researched UFO's and the paranormal since a young age, mainly because she is an experiencer herself. Her family has also experienced ghostly encounters and ET contact. The family has kept records of these extraordinary events, which involve missing time, a portal at Margie's house, ghosts, ET's, and more. These experiences will be published in a new book soon.

Margie's remote viewing abilities are extremely accurate, and never fail to astound people who work with her. She also has the ability to see inside the human body utilizing several methods to diagnose medical conditions. This, of course, is for entertainment purposes only as she is not a licensed health care professional. None the less, if she says to get something checked out is is usually a good idea. Margie has accurately described missing organs, inflamed organs, infected blood and tissue, eyesight problems, hearing issues, vocal cord issues, glandular problems, broken bones, cancer, tumors, and more.

Margie was the editor of Un-X News Magazine for four years, and the host of radio shows for seven years. She authored 13 books including Haunted Independence and Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, which are available at www.amazon.com.  Contact Margie at margiekay06@yahoo.com or visit www.margiekay.com for more information. Law enforcement is encouraged to contact Margie as soon as possible in order to solve cases quickly. Margie is a national speaker and has lectured nationwide. She is available to speak at conventions and meetings.

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