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Evidence of a Haunting at Pitcher Cemetery


Pitcher Cemetery is located at 3306 Blue Ridge Blvd. North of Pitcher Road in Independence, Missouri

This family burial plot for the Thomas Pitcher family established in 1830, is also the final resting place for some who fought in the Revolutionary War.  Many Civil War soldiers who perished in battle nearby in 1864 are buried in a mass grave.  Another mass grave is in the cemetery, which contains pioneers who perished from the Cholera epidemic of 1849—1851.  Most of the grave markers are simple standing rocks without engraving.  It is estimated that over 200 people are buried here.

Visitors have reported noises in the trees, glowing balls of light, and a floating apparition.

A recent investigation would prove fruitful. I visited the site with fellow investigators Jean Walker and Devin Listrom so we could obtain evidence that spirits still roam the site. We were not disappointed. As we arrived there was a sense of multiple spirits in the area, and this was confirmed by Devin's dowsing rods. Next, I was pulled to a particular grave of a Revolutionary Soldier and placed a Rem Pod on top of the tombstone. I asked the question, "Is there a spirit here?" and the Rem Pod began to respond with multiple beeps. All the lights began to blink. With each question, there was the same response. Devin, who is also a medium, and I heard a man speaking and he told us that he had been murdered for a small bag of gold coins in his pocket. 

Oddly, the man has the same last name as Devin's mother's maiden name, and she is researching to see if there is a connection. 

Jean Walker walked further back into the cemetery and was drawn to a strange object placed between two tree limbs. I was also drawn to look at it from a distance, and we feel that there is a spirit residing there. 

There are no hours posted and no locked gate, so it appears that this cemetery is open at all hours. 
Margie Kay is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and author of Haunted Independence and Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide. See more info at

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The Haunted Pepper Cannister Church of Ireland


St. Stephen's Church, or more popularly known as the Pepper Canister or Pepper Pot Church in Dublin, Ireland, is a known site for  ghostly activity.

It gets it’s nickname since the church spire looks like a pepper canister.

The church, built in 1821 by John Bowden and Joseph Welland. It is located on Mount Street Upper has a sinister reputation.

The capital city of Dublin has a strong connection with the paranormal. It was home to Bram Stoker and Sheridan Le Fanu - both famous horror writers.

The locals say if you walk around the church three times, you'll come face-to-face with no other than the devil himself!



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UnX News Magazine is BAAAK!

Fall 2021 issue of UnX News Mag
UnX News Magazine quarterly will return in a print and digital version in October of 2021 with a Fall issue covering featured haunted sites, and moon anomalies along with other subjects.

The magazine will coordinate with UnX News Radio/Podcast and will cover all things unexplained such as UFOs/UAPs/USOs; Haunted sites; paranormal activity; Sasquatch; time anomalies; portals; fairies and elementals and more. The magazine will also feature alternative healing, psychics, and healers. Monthly features include a list of popular radio shows and podcasts and paranormal investigators and book reviews.

UnX News Magazine is published by UnX Media. The editor-in-chief is Margie Kay and the editor is Violet Wisdom. Margie Kay is the author of 14 books and over 250 articles. She is an national speaker and a remote viewing trainer. Violet Wisdom is an author and researcher.

Contributing writers are Maria Christine, Violet Wisdom, and Dan Terry. The magazine is available at

The editor is seeking articles by investigators and researchers. Please see the website for writer guidelines.

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Woman appears twice on a KC highway - a Ghost?

Tony Degn of Independence, Missouri was driving an Uber client from Kansas City International airport to her home on the afternoon of Friday, May 7 when the two of them saw a woman crossing I-29 highway, then again seven miles later. 

Location where the woman crossed

As Tony passed the Barry road exit on I-29 highway south both he and his passenger saw a thin black woman wearing white pants, a black top, and black hat on the median in the middle of the highway. Tony had to slow down and stop in order to allow her to cross the road and get to the shoulder on their right side, and the woman turned to stare at him as she did so. Tony's passenger commented that the woman could get killed doing a stunt like that. 

Seven miles down the road the same woman wearing the exact same clothing appeared on the right side of the road where construction was taking place. As they drove by the woman, Tony and his passenger wondered how it was possible for the woman to appear that far away and arrive at that location before they did since he had been driving at 60 miles per hour. At that point, the two considered the possibility that something paranormal had taken place.

"There is no rational explanation as to how that woman was able to get from the first location to the second location seven miles away. I was driving at highway speed, and even if someone picked her up, they would have had to pass me up and drop her off before we reached the construction zone," said Tony.  

After contacting me about this incident we discussed the possibility that what he and his passenger saw was a spirit of someone who had been killed on the highway. Tony re-drove the route and found three memorials along the highway in different locations. Perhaps one of them belonged to this mysterious woman. 


Margie Kay is a paranormal investigator and writer. She is the director of the OZ Interdimensional Communication Institute and is the host of UN-X News Radio/Pocast.  Contact her at

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Mysterious Spook Lights of Missouri

The state of Missouri has its share of anomalies- high numbers of UFO sightings, haunted sites, and paranormal weirdness, but the so-called spook lights, which remain unexplained to this day are among the strangest phenomena.

In Clarks Fork, an area south of I-70 in mid-Missouri accessible only by dirt roads, is one spot where strange lights have appeared. It is said that in the early 1800’s a man built a cabin near a spring and lived as a hermit. One day some hunters came upon the cabin but the hermit was gone, leaving a cold fire and his dogs. 

According to the book The Haunted Bookslick, people saw a ball of light near the hermit’s cabin which appeared to be looking in the windows. 

The ball of light would play with the neighbor’s dogs and in some cases scared them. Some families reported that the spook light would shoot through the woods, making a high-pitched noise, and even setting trees on fire, which would be found undamaged the next day.  One man reported that the light came close to his house and that he could see figures and hear talking inside the light. This light was reported into the 20th Century, but perhaps it is still there even though no one is around.

The Knob Noster Ghost Light, off Route 50 right next to Knob Noster State Park can been seen on stormy nights. Reportedly, a slave disappeared and his owner acted very suspicions about it, making the townspeople believe that he murdered the man. The hermet was killed by a lightning bolt as he walked along a ridge on Knob Noster looking for the source of a light he saw on the hill which looked like a lantern. When the hermit was discovered, he had a look of horror on his face, as if he had just seen a ghost. Shortly after people started to report seeing a lantern moving along the ridge during storms, and it still appears today, over 140 years later.

Source: Wikipedia
The Hornet Spooklight AKA Joplin Spook Light, Devil’s Jack-O’-Lantern, Ozark Spook Light, Ghost Light, or Hollis Light appears along a short stretch of road between southwestern Missouri and southeast Kansas and Oklahoma, near the small town of Hornet, Missouri. The area is known as the Devil’s Promenade. The earliest reports trace back 200 years by the local Quapaw Indians. Some say it is the ghost of a Civil War Soldier, others say it is the ghost of a Native American in search of his lost head. In yet another tale, the lights are the remains of a white farmer and Native man who killed each other.

The light appears along the road, in yards, and in fields. People report seeing it as different colors including blue, yellow, red, orange, and green, or even as a color-changing orb. The shape is usually reported to be that of a ball or lantern.  Sometimes more than one light appears at the same time, and some people report the lights following them alongside of their vehicle.

The Spooklight was so popular that there used to be a museum dedicated to the light. Leslie Robertson operated the museum where he offered booklets, photographs and a viewing platform for people to observe the light.  His interest was spurred when in 1906 at the age of 14 he saw the light for the first time. It wouldn’t be his last, as he said he saw it thousands of times.

In 1936 an article appeared in the Kansas City Star about the light, and the legend of the light appeared in the 1947 book Ozark Superstitions by Vance Randolph, a well-known folklorist. One man shot the light one day with his 30-30 rifle, yet it seemed unaffected.

According to Troy Taylor of, Resident Arthur Holbrook said in an interview he had first seen the light in 1905. A local Native man born in 1897 said that he had seen the light as a child and that his family said it had been around for generations. 

The light has been investigated by multiple groups, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who studied the light in 1946, but could find no reasonable explanation for the phenomenon.

Recently several paranormal research groups tried to get evidence of the light and were able to capture video of it. However, when approached from both sides at the same time one group was unable to see the light as they got close to it, while it still remained visible to the group on the other side.

Source: News Photographer Marta Churchwell
Professor Allen Rice, Ph.D. of the University of Central Oklahoma did an investigation of the spook light with his team called the Boomers. He said they found the explanation for the lights as being headlights and taillights, 9 miles west of the location. However, this would not explain the sightings that occurred prior to vehicles or roads.

In the summer of 1970 I got to experience the Hornet Spooklight first-hand. I was 14 years old. My father took our family out to Spooklight road to see if we could see the spook light. As we drove along the quiet, dark road, two yellow/white lights appeared to the right of the car. One was the size of a basketball, the other was the size of a softball. The smaller light went inside the car window in the back seat where I was sitting with my brother and sister, moved slowly, softly illuminating the interior of the car and ourselves, and shot out the other window. The second larger light went in front of the car, causing my father to stop the vehicle. Both lights then joined back together and shot off into the woods on the opposite side of the road. We all agreed that the lights acted like they were under intelligent control. I found out later that this same scenario occurred to other people. (see my article about my own investigation of the Spook Light in 2017)

The Marley Woods Lights. Marley Woods is the name given to an undisclosed location in South Missouri by internationally known UFO and Paranormal researcher Ted Phillips. It is at approximately the same line of latitude as the Hornet Spook Light. The residents don’t want to be disturbed by hordes of people, so they would only agree to letting the site be investigated if the location was kept secret. The site, which includes many farms and acres of property, is a hotspot for paranormal activity with UFO sightings, crop circles, unseen forces that push people, hauntings, and even bigfoot sightings.

One of the most misunderstood phenomenon in this area is the strange balls of lights- or spook lights that appear in the area, and have been reported by residents for many generations. In 1969 children playing on a trampoline were startled when they saw a glowing white ball of light that hovered in a nearby tree. The tree died within two weeks. Many people have seen these strange lights, both far away and close up. In my opinion they closely resemble the Hornet Spook Light in appearance and movement. 

Dr. Harley Rutledge and a team of Physics major student volunteers investigated this location after the wave of UFO and unexplained lights sightings in and near Piedmont, MO. He wrote about it in his now out of print book Project Identification, in which he described that the lights behaved in a way that defied known physics.

In 2007, Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer with the Center for Trace Evidence SIU Team and Ted Phillips investigated the site and obtained video of the object – visit to see the video. The SIU team revisited the site many times, only to come up with no explanation for the lights. 

Copyright 2016-2021 by Margie Kay
Margie Kay is an author and paranormal researcher. She is the host of Un-X News Radio and is the director of the OZ Inter-dimensional Communication Institute. Contact her at 

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Ghosts in Greater Kansas City Chimneys

 In 1989 our company swept 350 chimneys at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  We ran into three ghosts that were rather uncooperative and apparently did not appreciate us disturbing them. The fort is a U.S. Army facility located in Leavenworth, Kansas.  It was established in 1827 as a forward base protecting the Santa Fe Trail.  It is the oldest active post west of Washington, D.C.

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in the late 1890’s
Photo: Wikipedia Commons


Fort Leavenworth has a long history of spirit activity.  At least nine ghosts have been officially reported, but there are likely more. During our work, several highly unusual events occurred that can only be attributed to the paranormal.  Unfortunately, we do not have photos of any fireplaces since photography is not allowed on the base. All of the chimneys are constructed with bricks and mortar.

 House #1: This house was the oldest building and was originally a chapel. The chapel burned down in approximately 1827 and clergyman named Father Fred was killed in the fire. A new house was built on the same spot in the 1830’s, presumably using the same chimney.   While we were sweeping the chimney, coal dust started coming through the entire masonry wall in the living room.  There were no holes or cracks in the masonry!  The entire lower level of the house was dusted with fine, grey coal dust and we had to go back and spend 8 hours vacuuming and cleaning up. What a mess!  I was mortified, as nothing like that had ever happened to us.  The colonel’s wife was not upset at all, and calmly explained to me that the problem must have been caused by their resident ghost!  She told me that right after moving in to the house, they hosted a party for the officers and their wives.

   During the party, a woman screamed when she saw a face of a man in the fire in the fireplace.  Everyone saw the same thing and ran screaming out of the house.  Evidently, it was quite a scene.  After that, the family saw the apparition of a man floating on the landing next to the chimney on several occasions.  He was wearing a clergy outfit, but his feet did not materialize when he appeared.  He also appeared on may occasions in the fire, so the family quit using the fireplace.  

 House #2: Built in the later 1800’s, this is a large three-story home.  The occupant (the wife of an officer)  notified us upon arrival that the room we were going to be working in was haunted, and the ghost often closed the door. She noted that she was leaving the door open all the way, then left the room. I tarped off the fireplace, then sent a tech up to the top of the chimney to start sweeping.  While standing alone in the room, the door suddenly slammed shut. 

   I quickly ran over to the door and opened it to see if anyone was around, but there was no one in the hall. I then heard strange noises and talking coming from the fireplace and called the sweep on the radio to see what was going on.  She said she did not say anything, and of course there was no one else on the chimney with her.  

   When the lady of the house returned, she was not surprised to hear about the goings–on.  She also told me that it was common knowledge among the residents at Fort Leavenworth that there is a lot of ghostly activity going on in the older houses. We packed up our gear and got out as quickly as possible.

 House #3: Built around 1840, this is a two-story brick house with slate roof and brick chimney.  I was outside by the van talking to the homeowner. One tech was inside at the fireplace, and another

tech was outside on top of the roof doing the sweeping. Suddenly the ladder fell over on it’s side—seemingly pushed by someone who wasn’t there. The occupant and I both saw it fall over.
The sweep walked over to the place where the ladder was but could not get down until we got the ladder back up again.  This was a 40-foot heavy aluminum ladder that weighs 80 lbs!  There was no wind that day and it was tied down to the gutter with a bungee cord!  I had to call in another crew to get the ladder back up so the sweep could get down.  The occupant of the home told me that they have a mischievous ghost who lives with them and causes havoc frequently.  He said that the ghost hung around the fireplace most of the time.

There are books written about the subject that are available at the museum on the post, or on websites. From I found the following information regarding the fireplace at 605 McClellan, located in the McClellan Officer's quarters, which is a large three-story home: Apparently when a family moved in this house in 1975, a spirit made itself known to them. While enjoying a warm fire in the fireplace, the family was “gripped with fearful fascination” when an apparition of a man with a mustache and goatee appeared in the middle of the flame. When the fire died out, the face of this ghostly man appeared and remained on the back of the fireplace. 

We visited England in April of 2005 and stayed in a 10th century manor house for seven days. I felt the presence of several spirits inhabiting the hall right after we arrived. On the third evening of our stay, the activities director presented a tour of the building and told stories of the ghosts that choose to occupy several rooms in the home. Our guide showed a VCR tape in one room that had been occupied by a man who killed his wife in the 1700’s.  The tape had been made by a film crew from British television who brought along a psychic to do research for a program on ghosts. Everyone in the room watching the tape gasped as hundreds of tiny white glowing orbs appeared. The orbs exited the fireplace into the room, then went through the walls in several directions. This continued for at least two full minutes.

One of the older fireplaces at Fort Riley, Kansas dating to the 1850’s where a foggy mist forms often. The mist was visible for several minutes during a routine chimney inspection in 2008 and the inspector captured this photo as it was forming to the right of the fireplace. The mist then moved across the room and through a wall. 

Perhaps the fog and orbs are spirits of people who have passed on, or spirits that have never inhabited a human body. Or maybe they are life forms that we don’t yet understand, or beings from another dimension.  I believe that spirits occupy the fifth dimension and sometimes enter our fourth dimensional space and time through a portal of some type. Perhaps chimney are portals.

 Ghosts and orbs seem to like chimneys.  Why?  Here is my theory – in doing research on ghosts in the Kansas City area I talked with several ghost hunters including Chris Breathwaite, a local investigator and author. Chris and others have mentioned on a number of occasions that there seems to be more paranormal activity around rivers, streams, and railroad tracks. 

I got to thinking about what those features have in common with chimneys. It is movement.  There is a flow of energy in any river, stream, or railroad track. And the correlation with chimneys is DRAFT, the only difference being that chimneys are vertical. 

Unexplained fog exiting a window
near a chimney

All chimneys are designed to create draft to remove toxic flue gasses and smoke from the fireplace or appliance such as a gas furnace, or gas or woodburning insert, without mechanical means.  It is simply physics that makes a chimney work.

The temperature differential between the outside of the chimney and the inside of the house is basically what creates draft. 

Draft is different at certain times of the year, being stronger in the cold winter months.  That is also the time of year that people spend more time around the fireplace and fire up their gas furnace. Draft in a chimney occurs all of the time, even when it reverses because something is wrong with the system or house.  


1. Anomalous orb inside a chimney
1. Same orb moving closer

The pictures we have taken of orbs and other anomalies around chimneys are from all seasons of the year.

If you have any ghostly activity around your fireplace or chimney we’d like to hear about it, and possibly do an investigation of the site.  Please contact


Margie Kay operates a chimney contracting and fire investigation business during the day, and hunts ghosts and other paranormal stuff at night. Reach her at