Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Un-X Office Haunted by Pesky Spirit

The offices for Un-X News Magazine are haunted. We have been in this location for six years and have had infrequent visitations with crashing sounds that cannot be located, heavy steps on the two staircases, and audible voices. However, during the past six months activity has steadily increased and we are now getting footage of ghostly happenings on the security cameras.

Last week my bookkeeper and I were looking at the security camera monitor when we noticed movement in the break room which triggered the motion detector. Then the motion detector went off in three more rooms and finally outside the front door, as if someone were walking through the building, but no one was in the building except the two of us.

Yesterday my secretary went upstairs to the bookkeeper's office and she found a box of receipts on the ground with the receipts on the floor underneath it. We reviewed the security camera tapes, and at 8:35 a.m. in the morning, before anyone went up the steps, the box fell over, and two receipts could be seen falling out onto the ground. Four seconds later, three orbs come up from where the receipts were lying and shot off in different directions. Outside of the camera's view the box was found sitting straight up with the receipts underneath it.

Later, while reviewing tapes an orb was caught as it flew across the room. One of stills is below. The orb returned a few seconds later and went the opposite direction. 

Orb caught on security camera at Un-X News Magazine offices
February 7, 2015
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Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine.  She is the author of Gateway to the Dead, Haunted Independence, and 12 other books.  Visit for more information.