Friday, June 17, 2016

Ghosts Can Open and Close Doors

By Margie Kay
Director, QUEST Paranormal Investigation Group

June 17, 2016

When people think about ghosts, they usually picture a partial or full-body apparition appearing, then dissapearing. But people don't usually attribute movement of physical objects to spirits. 

In fact, it is possible for spirits to move objects such as pencils or tennis balls, or even affect electronics. One of their most common activities is opening and closing doors. This normally does not occur unless there is an apparent reason for doing so, usually in reaction to a living person's comment or location in a house. 

In some cases, ghosts will lock doors as was the case for Maria Christine last week.

Maria and her children were sitting outside on their patio at their home in Independence, Missouri when her husband walked through the door, carrying some meats for the barbecue. He closed the door behind him as usual, but realizing that he forgot something, he immediately turned around to go back into the house. The door was locked, not only the bottom handle lock, but also the dead bolt which can only be locked with a key. There was no one in the house at the time, so no one could have locked the door. Luckily, Maria had her keys with her and they were able to get back into the house. Their house is haunted, and the entire family has had interactions with ghosts at one time or another. Apparently, this time a ghost wanted to be alone in the house for a while!

In 2012 I was out of town on business and asked my daughter to water my plants and check on the house every few days. One day, she had her two teenage children with her and they asked about the pesky spirit in the house. They wanted to see some evidence. My daughter took the kids to the family room and pointed at the bathroom next to it, saying "This is where most of the activity was." At that instant, the second bathroom door on the opposite side slammed shut. The kids said that was enough evidence for them and they ran out of the house. 

Ghosts can be helpful at times as well. A couple of years ago I accidentally locked myself out of the house and left the keys inside. I had my brother with me, and he tried to get the door open, so we know it was closed and locked. Not looking forward to either of us having to climb a ladder to a second-story window, I simply asked if someone could please unlock the door for me. They did. The door unlocked and opened without me touching it. I'm not sure if it was the pesky male spirit who lives in our house and sometimes plays pranks, or if it was one of my relatives who crossed over, At any rate, I said "Thank You" to the spirit, while my brother looked on in amazement. 

So the next time you get locked out or forget your keys, ask any spirits around for their assistance and you might get it. Conversely, if a spirit does not like you for some reason you may want to keep your keys handy at all times just in case. 


Margie Kay is the director and lead investigator for QUEST Paranormal Investigation Group, publisher of Un-X News website and host of Un-X News Radio on See more at