Saturday, October 1, 2011

The 40 Highway Ghost

The 40 Highway Ghost

40 Highway Between I-70 and Manchester

In late December, 2002, Jamyi M. took some presents to a friend. She was driving in her car alone. Jamyi drove East on 40 Highway from I-70 and when she arrived at 40 Hwy and Manchester, she saw a two-car wreck with police and ambulance at the location.  The traffic was slow and down to one lane.  As Jamyi passed the accident, she noticed that a covered body was being taken out on a stretcher to the ambulance. 

She glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the image of a woman’s ghost sitting in the back seat.  The apparition had dark brown hair and glazed-over brown eyes.  Jamyi was frightened at first, and knew immediately that it was the spirit of the woman from the accident.  She decided to ask the woman if she could help her.  The woman nodded “yes” stiffly, and when she did so Jamyi noticed that her neck was severely injured. 

The woman then spoke out loud and said that she needed to get to her husband to tell him what happened and that “no one knows what happened.”  She said “Just drive straight ahead.” 

Note: It is very unusual for a ghost to interact with someone in this manner.  I find it very interesting that she could be heard clearly while speaking.
Jamyi, although still nervous, continued driving straight East on 40.  When she got to a trailer park past Sutherland Lumber she saw the woman just step out of the car while the vehicle was moving, apparently headed for the trailer park.   A few days later, Jamyi and a friend looked in the obituaries in the newspaper and saw a photo of the same woman who died on the date of the accident.  During subsequent visits to the area she has not re-appeared, but if you drive on 40-Highway don’t be surprised if a ghostly passenger suddenly appears in your back seat.  

Margie Kay is the director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and author of Haunted Independence and Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide. See more info at

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