Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Lady in Blue at the Cafe Verona

The Café Verona on the Independence square in Independence, Missouri is sometimes visited by a Lady in a blue dress who is often seen sitting at a table by the front window. Patrons often think that this is just a person sitting there-  until she turns transparent and disappears in front of their eyes.   Often money goes missing from this particular table, so make sure you hand money to your waitress if you sit at this spot!  The employees and chef say that in the kitchen doors often open and close on their own, and they hear unexplained noises in the restaurant late at night. One chef even quit because of the ghostly activity in the kitchen, which got out of hand one evening. Apparently, the resident ghost doesn't like strangers in her kitchen.
Many people have reported seeing an older lady in a long blue dress who purposely spills alcoholic beverages that are left behind on tables after patrons leave the cafe.  Perhaps this ghost is a relic of the Temperance Movement. 

Excerpt from the book Haunted Independence Missouri by Margie Kay

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