Saturday, February 2, 2019

Haunted Independence Missouri book released today

Just published this second edition today with updates - woohoo got it done! Now off to the next project...…/haunt…/paperback/product-23970708.html 

Paranormal researcher and psychic medium Margie Kay presents many of the most haunted locations in the city of Independence, Missouri. She and the Quest Investigation Group team investigated these sites over a period of 20 years. In this second edition of Haunted Independence, Missouri Margie discusses cases involving businesses, parks, cemeteries, and houses that are haunted by loved ones, poltergeists, shadow people and even aliens. 

ead about a haunted museum where a famous actress was born, a park with a dark shadow entity and the wife of the infamous outlaw Frank James, the lady in blue who haunts a popular restaurant, the lady in grey, and much more in this book.  Also included are a list of haunted atrractions in the area and places to go during the month of October when several locations open for haunted tours.  

Be sure to visit Independence sometime - it is very haunted!

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